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Question   Before The Rain
This picture immediately put me back many years to my childhood. I can remember being out in the fields with the dog, hoping to get home before the storm!

- Linda Zembower March 21, 2014

  Answer Hi Linda, Growing up in the country, I have the same memories, and the image does have that combination of ominous but glorious feelings. I really appreciate your feedback. And thank you for visiting my website!

- Martin L. Heavner  March 21, 2014

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Question   Complementing your work
Hi Martin, So great to see you at the tribute to my Dad, and it's such an honor that you mention him in your bio. Your work is beautiful and inspirational. Love the scripture, and wonderful to see you love the Lord.

- Christine McClory May 29, 2012

  Answer Hi Christine, Thanks so much for visiting my photo website. Your father was a huge part of my education and inspiration in photography. And whenever I'm invited to judge a photo competition, I always hear his voice urging me to be concise, positive and constructive in my critiques. He's the "gold standard" for judging, in my opinion. Thank you for inviting me to the tribute luncheon -- you did a great job putting it together and it was an honor for me to be there!

- Martin L. Heavner  June 02, 2012

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Question   Wonderful Galleries
Hi Martin,
Just found your website and feel like I've been on vacation after skimming through the beautiful photos of Venice. Must have been a fascinating trip.

- Vicki Michael July 29, 2011

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Question   Photographs
Excellent work ... Enjoyed visiting your website!

- Kay Heavner March 02, 2010

  Answer I concur very nice work indeed.

- Kevin Heavner  March 07, 2010

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Question   Bravo!
Hi Marty

I just wanted to say I finally got a chance to sit and be inspired by all the wonderful photo's that you've taken the time and energy to capture and share. It is a true gift from God that you can capture all the art in this world (still or constantly moving or changing) that the artist we call God has created. And now you capture that art for all who might not have a chance to see it, and give them the chance to see how magnificent it really is. Love, Libbie

- Libbie Errico August 29, 2008

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